Application Form for Associate Membership

An Active Member is an IATA approved proprietary or partnership firm or a limited company having an established place of business in India, and shall have voting rights. “IATA Members falls under ACTIVE category”.

Applicant's Name and Address
Desired Membership Name * Salutation * Contact Person * Surname * Designation * Trading name if other than above Date of Establishment Date of Incorporation Address * State* City* Other City Pincode* Phone No* Mobile No* Fax Email* Email II PAN No* GST No* Website
Registered Address if Other than above
Address* State* City* Other City Pincode* Phone No* Mobile No*
Company Information
Names And Details of Sums Invested By
Code Code* Date of Recognition Bank Guarantee
Ministry of Tourism/ other assosiation membership
Yes No Effective Date Details
Ministry of Tourism, Government of India
State Tourism Board
Any Other
What is the principal business of your company ? When established ?
Your Net Sales For Last Two Years
Year Year
Sales on International Airlines
Sales on Hotel Booking & Vacation Packages
Sales & service charges on car rentals & other
Miscellaneous Services
About Your Office
Office space used for company purpose
Total Managerial Staff
Total Administrative Staff
IATA Qualified Travel councillors (included in above staff strength)
Non IATA Qualified Travel councillors (included in above staff strength)
About Your Representative To Whom All Corespondence Will Be Addressed To
Name of the Authorised Rep. Name Designation Email ID Mobile No
Representative 1
Representative 2

“By signing hereunder, we agree and undertake that, if we are selected to become Members of Travel Agents Federation of India , (TAFI), we shall abide by the Rules and regulations of the Federation, as amended from time to time, and also abide by the directives given by the Managing Committee of TAFI, from time to time, and we also agree that all disputes regarding membership, its application acceptance and/or rejection or any other matter pertaining to membership and/or suspension and expulsion of membership from TAFI, and/or pertaining to implementation of rules and regulations of TAFI, and all other disputes of whatsoever nature, whether before or after becoming members of TAFI, shall always be subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.”

Name of Authorised Signatory :
Designation :
Signature :
Date :
Company Seal :

We know the applicant and the information supplied by the applicant is to the best of our knowledge true and correct. We hereby propose the applicant for the membership of the Association.

PROPOSER ( Name of the Company, Must be a paid active Member) SECONDER( Name of the Company, Must be a paid active Member)
Name of the Authorised Representative Name of the Authorised Representative
Signature of Authorised Representative Signature of Authorised Representative
Date Date
Company Seal Company Seal
Documents to be upload
Colour photographs of two of your Partners/Directors/Sr. Managers with names printed behind the photographs for the issuance of TAFI Id cards. Size of the photograph should be 25mm x 35mm.:
Xerox copy of IATA Certificate for Active / Associate membership:
Audited Financial documents available for the last 2 years e.g. I.T. Returns, Balance Sheet, P & L statement Company Networth Certificate from CA (if the Agency is 6 months old) Memorandum of Article of the company if applicable,Company Profile:
Approval from the Local Govt. Body e.g. License under Shops & Establishment Act Etc. Applicable Fees payable by D/D or cheque payable on par in Mumbai in favour of 'Travel Agents Federation of India :
Company Seal :
New Members Fee (Effective 1st July-2016)
Sr. No. Category Joining fees Ann.Subs fees GST Total
1 Active 6050 5918 2154 14122
2 Allied 6050 3421 1705 11176
3 Associate 6050 4026 1814 11890
4 Affiliate 6050 3421 1705 11176
5 Overseas Allied 6050 4026 1814 11890

All payments should be made by a bank draft drawn on a Mumbai Bank in favour of Travel Agents Federation of India and must accompany the application.

NAME OF THE BANK Kotak Mahindra Bank
A/C NO 7713884712
BRANCH Vile Parle East

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