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TAFI aero
Aims and Objectives

To protect the interests of those engaged in the industry, to promote its orderly growth and development, to safeguard the travelling public from exploitation by unscrupulous and unreliable so-called Travel Agents.

To safeguard the interests of the travelling public and to maintain high ethical standards within the travel trade through better communications and awareness about regulations.

To augment the development of the travel industry in India by consistent improvement in the standard of service and inculcate professionalism.

To spread greater awareness and updated information on travel to efficiently cater to the needs of the travellers within India and overseas.

To promote mutual cooperation among members of TAFI and thereby ensure healthy growth of the Travel Industry.

To represent the travel agents trade before official bodies of Government, Airline bodies and other appropriate forums.

To promote such schemes which would benefit the members of TAFI as well as provide mutually beneficial alternatives to the airline industry for better growth of travel.

To safeguard the interest of the Travel Agents vis-a-viz service providers such as airlines, several consulates, several Government authorities.

To ensure compliance of Rules, Regulations and Guidelines sent by the Consulates, Government Authorities, Airlines etc.


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