Membership Benefits
TAFI , an Association of repute in India, has been granted membership of the World Travel Agents Associations Alliance (WTAAA). These memberships entitle all "Active" and "Associate" members of TAFI to display the logo of WTAAA for a small apportioned fee. Further, if you are not a member of TAFI and should you seek membership to these International Associations individually, the price would be substantially higher.
Representation :
  • Brings together travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, airlines, cruise companies and other travel industry related companies on a common platform.
  • Helps individual members with issues related to the travel industry.
  • Integrates initiatives and proposals of all members and intervenes for them with relevant bodies through the different councils, committees and bodies formed in TAFI.
Recognition :
You have the right to use the TAFI logo as a sign of reliability and quality relating your service users, which
  • Increases the possibility to establish business relations with reliable companies.
  • Gives you access to the Passport Office, Government and other Tourism Bodies.
  • Adds prestige to the Agency's standing in the eyes of the public.
  • Helps you avail of additional benefits on an international scale or seek guidance where required.
Networking :
    Members are invited to participate in the Workshops, Chapter Level Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Conventions and other events held from time to time.
Information :
    Members receive information and advice about regulations pertaining to the Travel Trade and are also updated on the happenings within the Industry across the globe.

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